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I'm back again, not that anyone cares. I've been a poot for a long time. I disappear occasionally. School is almost over. A.F.I. was fucking awesome. 2 people from the front, roughly. I must go see A.F.I again. Their live show is just so intense... I'm still feeling it. But,
people still suck. As soon as I get a car, I'm out of here. I need heavier gauge strings for my electric. I've been playing heavy for so long now, these light ones are too slippery for me. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
I am so bored.
I went to a fucking prom.
NEVER go to a prom, I BEG YOU!
oh well, It was OKAY, I suppose. Danced around irish-jig style and lept and bound with it was... eh.....
poop. And I had to wear a dress and look all girly.....Like a girl...(really?). And wear my stupid sister's 4-inch sandal-heel thingers. I was going to wear sneakers.. but no.. I wasn't allowed. My mother threw a fit about me wearing my corduroy jacket. For fuck's sake!!! Who gives a damn what one wears... And I feel so ashamed that I gave in to this stupid prom wear. I don't even understand why I went. I thought it would be interesting....mehhhh...
Oh well.

I go now....
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