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I'm back again, not that anyone cares. I've been a poot for a long time. I disappear occasionally. School is almost over. A.F.I. was fucking awesome. 2 people from the front, roughly. I must go see A.F.I again. Their live show is just so intense... I'm still feeling it. But,
people still suck. As soon as I get a car, I'm out of here. I need heavier gauge strings for my electric. I've been playing heavy for so long now, these light ones are too slippery for me. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
I am so bored.
I went to a fucking prom.
NEVER go to a prom, I BEG YOU!
oh well, It was OKAY, I suppose. Danced around irish-jig style and lept and bound with it was... eh.....
poop. And I had to wear a dress and look all girly.....Like a girl...(really?). And wear my stupid sister's 4-inch sandal-heel thingers. I was going to wear sneakers.. but no.. I wasn't allowed. My mother threw a fit about me wearing my corduroy jacket. For fuck's sake!!! Who gives a damn what one wears... And I feel so ashamed that I gave in to this stupid prom wear. I don't even understand why I went. I thought it would be interesting....mehhhh...
Oh well.

I go now....
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hope prom was fun, i dig the doors. its good to be girly sometimes, when your a girl at least. builds personality.
Yeah, that's right, I am a girl. I almost forgot!
Hmm... thanks for the advice. People are evil. I was actually thinking of going next year, considering that it's some of my junior friends' last year here, but I wouldn't stand having my mom yell at me to get my hair and make-up done. That doesn't work very well with some people! Stupid socialization events. I'd rather crash some five-year old's party at Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe not. That's a bit too mean. We could always just pretend one of us has a birthday and have a party anyway.
a party at chuck e. cheese, of course.
poop! welcome back. i went to a school that didn't allow proms because dancing is a tool used by satan to get people to have premarital sex. at the time, the macarena was popular (jesus assraping christ i'm old). i can't remember hearing stories of the macarena getting anyone laid...anyway. you need to get on aim. or at least email me.
later mang.
Your're not that elderly, ya old butt. I remember when the macarena was popular. Me and my sister bought the cassette single just to dance and make fun of it (i never told you that previous sentence)ahhhh yes, endless hours in the beach house riverdancing to the macarena---afterwards I found some random dude on the boardwalk and we went at it macarena style! wooo!!!
I'm glad the show was good! Wooo! Neil Young tickets go on sale on Monday. We should try to buy some! The concert is in September at PNC Arts Center. :-)

Ehhh ... the prom. I guess I remembered it being more fun than it actually was. You looked beautiful that day, Colleen! Don't be ashamed that you gave in. It was only one day & you never really have to do it again. You know?

I deny all existance of that prom.
hahahaha! I don't blame you! Sorry!