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Crap in a pants.

Well, last evening was very good. Actually it was the best time I've, well, A long time. Hung out with Arielle, Julia, and Sandy all day. Went down to Montclair, said "hello
" to Toothless Joe. We ate crap and then we walked down the street singing "Ain't never seen no John Kast. eat so many chicken wings" in beautiful harmonization! We then stopped in a children's toy/play/dress up store and we each bought little children's hats. I bought a viking crown, Arielle-a fireman's hat. Julia- a felt "Happy Birthday" headband hat thingyersfjsafsa, and Sandy, a princess crown. We then continued to walk the streets of montclair wearing our hats and singing "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)" as we made our way to the cafe.

I remember one summer when me and my sister made up an interpretive dance to Whisky Bar. That was much fun.

We also went to Flipside earlier, and I got another Tull album and the Yes box set for only like 20 bucks... so 'twas good.

I'm going to wear my viking hat again today.
Sabian Cymbal guy with viking ensemble

Afterwards, Julia, Arielle, and Sandy slept over... and ya know man, we just talked... just talked. Actually, that's not really funny because that is what we mostly did. 'Twas a good friday the 13th. I missed those good old times.

I'm going to see thee Kaelyn next weekend. I'm going to be Kirka-ayayyayya......

Bye-e buttfacebutt

Oh, and Fuckin' A.. is Gary Busey Hot!!!
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