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School is a butt.

Fuck just 2 more exam days. So fucking exicted to do NoTHING! I got a program recently whereas I can put the music I recorded on my shitty 4-track and create a .wav file out of it... now I need to download another ripping program so i can convert them to mp3's. This way, maybe the quality of my music will only be a little less shitty. Also, I've been working on a video for AFI's "Bleed Black" off of the new album. "Sing the Sorrow" did it for me. I've liked AFI for a long time... but that album is just so fucking good...I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like I owe my life to the band for making such a great masterpeice.
I hope everyone is doing okay.
~ Colleen
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