Colleen (sickndisgruntld) wrote,

Well, I am really bored.

Bleh. I am in the computer art course. Bleh. I got scheduled for next year. I am taking four art classes, so it should not be so bad. Poop. I'm in a Bleh mood. I am bored and bleh bleah blah. I passed my written driving test. Woooo! now i can pay $300 so I can drive... WOOOOOO! Fucking New Jersey driving laws. if your sixteen you get a "special learner's permit" ...special meaning you spen special money to get one a year ahead of everyone else. But, everyone goes through this way. You reportedly get a discount on your insurance. I do not want to drive with an instructor. Now for words of enlightenment, ugly people inside soon become ugly people outside. I thought that those were some good words of "wisdom"
Here's some more words of wisdom, Neil Young is supposedly charging $129.99 tickets for his concerts. I will check this out. If it is to be true, I be utterly pissed. If it is so, I shall need to smack the old poo.come on Neil, WHy?
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